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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who can benefit from Bellandi Engineering’s services?

    Any company working within the automotive, motorsport, aerospace, defence, interior design, and bespoke industries requiring engineering support ranging from feasibility studies, design, and manufacturing.

  • What standards do we work to?

    We have our own design office standards when it comes to CAD modelling and 2D drawings. We also work to GD&T BS8888 standards for tolerancing. We are more than happy to adhere to any design or manufacturing standards you may have.

  • Can we design AND manufacture parts?

    Yes, we can, thanks to our selection of suppliers we are able to manufacture composite components, as well as general CNC machining. We also have a network of suppliers that do great work for us.

  • Can our engineers work at your premises?

    Not currently as we are still a small team. All of our work will be carried out at our headquarters near Florence, Italy.

  • Can our clients use our services for a single part design?

    Of course, there is no minimum limit to the size or number of components that we can do for you. However, please bear in mind that our minimum number of work hours is 8.

  • Startups: how much will it cost to hire Bellandi Engineering to design and build a prototype?

    This is one of the most common questions we get, and also one of the most difficult ones to answer. Generally speaking, our hourly rate is set to be an average of our competitors – not a bad deal when you consider all the services that we can offer. Obviously, the more complicated the project is, the longer it will take to produce an accurate quote. However, we will make it our priority to provide you with a competitive quote.

  • Who can benefit from the use of composite materials?

    Any industry that requires a substantial weight reduction while improving the strength and rigidity of the components, as well as having an impact on the aesthetics. Composite materials will not only improve the mechanical performances but will also add an exclusivity factor often not met when using more conventional materials.

  • Can clients outside the automotive and motorsport sectors work with us?

    Of course, we welcome any client who may need our assistance. Get in touch with us if you have any general questions, its free!

  • Can we exclusively manufacture parts without doing any design work?

    We can do that. We would be happy to manage a project for you, even if it does not require any design inputs from us.

  • What CAD software do we use?

    We are currently using Cativa V5 and Fusion360 – with this combination we can also import files from other types of CAD software such as SolidWorks or NX.

  • Can clients outside the EU work with us?

    Yes, we are happy to work with anyone from anywhere!

  • Do you offer FE analysis and other kinds of services?

    As we have just started our company, we cannot offer any simulations at this time. However, our plans are to offer FE analysis, CAD/CAM simulation, surface design, and CFD simulation. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to get regular updates from us.

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